Perfect control

Houm is an intuitive, easy-to-use building automation system, which features wireless and battery-free switches, a mobile app and voice control as user interfaces. Houm is for all interiors, from a tiny apartment studio all the way to colossal office buildings and hotels. Houm is easy to assemble, commission and configure.

Perfect mood

We at Houm work on mood control: giving you the ability to change the lighting of an interior space to suit the moment, be it waking up in the morning, a presentation in the office room, a leisurely evening at home or reading a book before going to sleep. Houm lets you control the mood of your interior effortlessly. An atmosphere of a place is created by the people, sounds, interior design and lighting.

Perfect solution

Houm offers future proof smart home solutions (lighting and blinds control, appliance and HVAC control, sensoring, security etc) to make our everyday life easier and more delightful. The revolutionary software based solution by Houm is ideal for offices, hotels, restaurants and homes.

The building blocks

Reliable, scalable, secure, simple to use & configure.


Without quality luminaires there is only darkness, which might be just perfect. But if you need light, Houm supports all types of luminaries: modern LEDs, Halogen bulbs, RGB, RGBW and tunable white.

Motorized blinds
& shades

Houm works perfectly with motorized blinds and shades. These provide a handy way of controlling the amount of natural light
 and heat. Additionally, they provide privacy when needed.


Houm stores all sensor data to cloud. The cloud service offers open API for the user to read the sensor data and get instant alerts. Houm app also shows temperature, humidity and CO2 levels and give alerts for example from detected water leakages.

Convenient Controls

Houm controls are powerful, reliable, easy-to-use and easy to access. With Houm, the mood can be changed with one click. Or use the convenience of voice control.

Wireless switches

Switches are wireless and battery-free. Wireless means complete freedom of positioning. Battery free means no maintenance. This is the best thing since electricity.

The App

One app for all tasks related to lighting control. Available for free for iOS and Android.

Voice control

Amazon Echo is fully integrated with Houm lighting control. You guessed it: now you can say “Alexa, switch the lights off.”

The App

Take total control with ease. One application for all tasks related lighting control. It is as easy as it sounds.

Amazon Echo

Voice control brings a whole new level of convenience.

Wireless & battery-free switches

A vast collection of colors and materials to fit every style. From cool snow white Nordic style to opulent brushed gold.


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