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What is Houm?

Houm is a wireless lighting control system with sensors to monitor the health of your building. It is built on existing, future-proof hardware with long support into the future.

Where can I use Houm?

Houm is suitable for homes, apartments, offices, restaurants, hotels etc. Houm is for you, if you need to adjust the mood of the space effortlessly. From day lights to evening lights at home, from default lighting to presentation lighting at the office. Just one click of the switch or one utterance (to Amazon Echo) and it’s done.

What can I do with the wireless and battery-free switches?

Traditional switches are hard-wired to their respective lighting groups. The functions of the switches are very hard to change after electrical work has been finished.

A wireless switch is very flexible, as it has no physical connection to the light sources. By using the Houm app, you can configure a switch to be a switch for a single luminaire, a switch to control the lights in a room, or a master switch for the whole building. You configure the switches withing seconds using the Houm app. No special training is required!

Being wireless gives you the full freedom to position the switch wherever you find most convenient.

Forget changing batteries in your switches: Houm switches are battery-free, this means no maintenance!

What is the range of a wireless and battery free switch?

Typically the range of the switch signal is 30 meters in a built environment. This is enough for most Houm installations. The range of the signal can be improved by EnOcean extenders. As a rule of thumb, a space of 500 square meters is a reasonable maximum for a single Houm installation. If the space is bigger, it typically makes sense to split it into smaller installations.

How many scenes can I create?

You can create as many scenes as you wish.

Does Houm depend on a connection to the Internet?

The app requires the Houm central unit to be connected to our cloud service. So whenever you do configuration work or control your space remotely, the central unit must be connected.

The wireless switches do not require a connection to the Internet.

How does a power failure affect Houm?

When a power failure occurs, Houm reboots on power up and sets the lighting to the state before the failure.

If the central unit is damaged (for example, by surge voltage), nothing to worry: the central unit can be replaced very easily. As soon as the replacement unit is powered up and connected, it synchronises its configuration from the cloud backup automatically and functions identically to the replaced unit.

Colour leds

Houm has a wireless driver for 12–36 VDC colour leds.


All data between the app, the cloud server and the central unit are encrypted. You need a secret key to access a Houm installation. If a shared key is compromised, you can simply delete it from the app and create a new one.

Houm's security has been solved by using SSL technology that is widely used in online services for example in online banking. All connections from the central unit and from the application to cloud services are encrypted with SSL.

Houm central unit does not require any separate gates for firewalls, which further improves the security of the system.

Application control is used with computer-generated keys, so users can not come up with keys that are weak in terms of security.

Do you have questions? Contact: support@houm.fi

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