How does it work?

Houm creates a well-functioning and reliable control system using industry standard hardware. We dislike vendor-lockins just as much as anyone. That is why we support a variety of existing DALI and EnOcean devices instead of supplying proprietary ones. We believe in co-operation of good people, products and companies.

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Take total control with ease. Use and configuration of Houm is handled by the Houm-application. The application is free and is downloadable from App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android).

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Open communication standards


DALI is an International Standard (IEC 62386) for the control of electronic ballasts, transformers, LED's, emergency lights and exit signs in an easy to manage digital lighting control system.


EnOcean is an international standard (ISO/IEC 14543-3-10) for self-powered wireless switches, sensors and controls for energy-efficient, comfortable and secure buildings.

Open API

Open RESTful APIs are a widely adopted way of providing interoperability between computer systems on the Internet. We provide an API for developers and other service providers. See the terse introduction to the Houm API.

Bluetooth LE

Bluetooth LE mesh enables large-scale wireless lighting control networks with thousands of luminaires. Each light can act as a location beacon. No control wires needed.

Houm installation guide

Houm is a DALI/Enocean/Modbus/Bluetooth LE home automation system.

For lighting control, the following components are used:
  • Wireless and battery-free EnOcean switches
  • DALI connected motion and light intensity sensors
  • DALI drivers for luminaires
  • Houm application (iOS and Android)
  • Amazon Echo voice control

Houm control components are centrally installed on the DIN rail in the electrical switchboard.

Planning guide

One DALI controller (Helvar 510) and one DALI power supply make up one controllable DALI universe. One DALI universe is capable of controlling 64 DALI addresses. Houm recommends 55 DALI addresses per universe to ensure operational reliability. Please note that one driver might take up more than one DALI address (this is the case with RGBW drivers, for example). When the number of DALI addresses exceeds 55, we recommend splitting the universe into two universes.

Fixed luminaires, lighting sockets, decorative luminaires and 230V controlled luminaires

The manufacturers of fixed (or architectural) luminaires typically have a recommendation for a suitable DALI driver.

We recommend using Malmbergs MD01 (230V DALI dimmer) and Malmbergs MD02 (230V DALI relay) for light sockets and decorative luminaires (230V). Malmbergs components consume one DALI address.

RGB/RGBW strips

For RGB/RGBW strips, select a four-channel DALI driver. When calculating DALI addresses, note that one RGB/RGBW driver will take three/four DALI addresses.

Luminaire rails

Both DALI rails and 3-circuit 230V rails can be connected into Houm.

DALI rails are simply connected to the DALI bus, 3-circuit rails are connected using three Malmbergs components.

Motorized blinds/curtains

Helvar 490 is a 2-channel blinds controller that allows control of blinds and curtains in Houm. The blinds controller is a DIN-rail mounted unit that provides two independent control channels, each with two single-pole, volt-free contacts for switching up to 550 W up/down or power direction motors. The controller consumes two DALI addresses.

Motion and presence sensors

Houm compatible sensors include Helvar 311 DALI PIR Motion Detector and Helvar 312 DALI PIR Motion Detector and Light Sensor (Standard Light Control).

Please take the electric consumption of the motion sensors into account when planning the DALI universes. Each sensor consumes 15mA, and the DALI power supply supplies 250mA. Up to 16 motion sensor can be installed in one DALI universe, provided there are no other devices in the universe (15mA x 16 = 240mA).

Connections in the electrical switchboard

The picture shows a typical Houm installation. Components from left to right: DALI power supply (Helvar 402), DALI controller (Helvar 510 includes Houm DIN mount), Houm central unit and power supply unit (Meanwell DR-15-5).

  1. Attach the components to the DIN rail in the order shown above
  2. Connect the power supply of the central unit (L, N)
  3. Connect the power supply of the central unit to the central unit with the Micro USB cable supplied with the power supply. The Micro USB connector on the central unit is located in the upper left corner of the central unit
  4. Connect the EnOcean antenna to the Houm central unit and take the antenna out of the electrical switchboard
  5. Connect the Ethernet cable to the central unit
  6. Connect the DALI controller to the central unit using the supplied Mini-B USB cable. The central unit has four USB ports. You can use any USB port
  7. Connect the DALI power supply to the DALI controller. Connect the power supply to the DA+ and DA- DALI controllers DA+ and DA terminals
  8. Connect the DALI power supply to 230V (L, N, E)
Other Helvar DIN compliant components (if needed)
  1. Connect the DALI controller (DA+ and DA-) from the DALI controller to the DALI bus (DA+ and DA-) of the Helvar unit
  2. Chain the DALI bus for other Helvar components

DALI wiring from DALI controller to DALI drivers

Designing large projects


Large locations may have several electrical switchboards that include DALI controllers. These separate switchboards are compounded into a single system by a master-slave structure as follows:

  1. The switchboards are connected by an TCP/IP ethernet local area network
  2. All of the switchboards contain a Houm central unit
  3. One of the central units is designated as the master unit
  4. The rest of the central units are slave units

Now all of the separate DALI universes are configurable and controllable as one set of DALI universes.

Wireless switch signaling in large projects

The range of wireless switches in a built environment is approximately 30 m. When the signal from the switch to the central unit is bad, there are two ways to mend this:

  1. Using Eltako FRP70 signal repeaters
  2. Using Houm slave central units
Connecting over four of DALI controllers into to the central unit

The Houm central unit has four USB ports for connecting DALI controllers. In larger locations, it is possible that there are five or more DALI controllers in one electrical center. In this case, a USB splitter (USB hub) can be used to connect all DALI controllers to the Houm central unit.

Required components

  • image description

    Houm Central Unit

    Dimensions (mm):

    70 x 90 x 62

  • image description

    Power supply for CU

    Dimensions (mm):

    25 x 93 x 56

    Link to datasheet
  • image description

    Wired ethernet internet connection

  • image description

    EnOcean antenna

    Link to datasheet

Additional components

DIN rail components (control through DALI)


Houm stores all sensor data to the cloud and submits the information to the property owner giving instant feedback on apartment temperature, humidity and movement.

Dimmers and relays

Motion sensors

  • image description

    DALI PIR motion

    Dimensions (mm):

    76 x 61 x 68

    Link to datasheet
  • image description

    DALI PIR motion sensor and light intensity sensor

    Dimensions (mm):

    65 x 51.4 x 80

    Link to datasheet

Wireless sensors


Houm uses wireless and battery-free 868 MHz EnOcean switches. Houm recommends Gira EnOcean switches to ensure the best quality and click-feel of the switches.

Amazon Echo

Voice control your lights. To enable voice control you need Houm Central Unit and Amazon Echo / Echo Dot. Remember that rooms and scenes need to be named in English. Echo Dots are available in black and white.

Installation instructions:

  1. Create an Amazon account and begin setup at
  2. Search and enable Houm skill. Insert key and connect.
  3. Search your existing Houm rooms and scenes: "Alexa, discover new devices"
  4. Timezone settings are in > Settings > xxx's Echo Dot
  5. Just try it and speak to Alexa:
    ”Alexa, lights on.”
    ”Alexa, turn off kitchen.”
    ”Alexa, turn on evening lights.”

Supported DALI driver manufacturers

If you want us to test your DALI drivers, please send us a sample kit for testing (We don't send the samples back). If you have any questions contact


  • Creating a scene

  • Pairing a relay unit

  • Pairing a switch

  • Sharing a guest key

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