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An office no longer consists of desks, cubicles and constant, dull lighting. A modern office is an inspiring space which easily adapts to client meetings and creative brainstorming sessions. Important tasks require adaptable lighting from cozy settings to white light and dramatic speaker focus. Whatever the mood, Houm lighting control has it. With Houm you are able to control moods and switch from one setting to another with the click of a switch. Be creative to get productive – take control of your space.



Reaktor is a global design and engineering agency with headquarters in Helsinki, Finland. The new 3500 sq. m. office space is a landmark in modern architecture and engineering. Houm has added bespoke design to the space by removing the need for wiring in partitions, making the space easily adaptable to Reaktorian’s ever changing needs. The office is equipped with a myriad of sensors which collect control data. The data are readily available via the Houm cloud API so new services can be built with minor effort, whenever needed.

Interior design done by our partner dSign Vertti Kivi & Co.

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New Things Co

New Things Co is a fresh digital consultancy. They are all about forward-looking experimenting, curiosity & heavy-weight experience. The office is divided between two floors. First floor is reserved for working & meetings. On the second floor there is a lounge and a sauna for entertaining guests & recreational use.


VX Studio, Dubai

VX is a bespoke design, development and project management company specialising in turn-key development solutions and value enhancement work. VX creates beautiful, elegant architecture whilst maximising returns on investment for global property developers. VX currently manages a portfolio of over $3 Billion and continues to assist a number of high profile real estate developers in the region to deliver the most successful and profitable developments.


Uusi ylioppilastalo

HYY Yhtymä have renovated the student's union workspaces at the Uusi ylioppilastalo. The consctruction of the real-estate started at 1860 and is now newly renovated to endure heavy use at least for the next 100 years. HYY Yhtymä is one of the oldest Finnish real-estate player in the heart of Helsinki.


DSIGN Vertti Kivi & Co.

DSIGN Vertti Kivi & Co. is an internationally acclaimed interior design agency pushing for positive user experience that generates productivity, making them the perfect companion for Houm. With clients such as Hilton, Finnair and Danske Bank, the company has made an effort to create a truly “Wow” office experience. Make sure to visit DSIGN, if only to have a chat with the unique and flamboyant CEO Vertti Kivi. You will be inspired, we promise!


Workspace Design Agency

Workspace is an agency promoting well-being at work through tech-savvy design of work environments. Wiring problems in the agency’s own space however lead to switches in all the wrong places and inability to create innovative solutions. The lighting had previously been Dali configured which was luckily easy to Houm-ify. Houm switches were installed on glass walls for easy accessibility. Wireless switches were attached onto desks so lighting moods are effortlessly changed during negotiations. Now even the plant wall lighting is timed to improve productivity within the agency.