Building intelligence

Modern office

A modern office is not a collection of desks and cubicles with constant, dull lighting. It's an inspiring space with different kinds of areas for different types of work. Some tasks need clear cool white light, some require a cozy setting. Presentations need a dramatic focus on the speaker. With Houm, you are able to switch from one mood to the next with a flick of a switch. Be productive, be happy, enjoy your work life.



Reaktor is a digital agency whose headquarters are in Helsinki, Finland. Their new 3500 square meter office is a landmark in modern interior architecture and engineering. There is no wiring in the partitions, so the space adapts very effortlessly to Reaktorians' ever changing needs. The office also hides a myriad of sensors. All the sensor and control data are available via our cloud API, so new services can be built with very little effort when such a need arises.


DSIGN Vertti Kivi & Co.

Everyone says "WOW" when they see this office for the first time. If you visit DSIGN, have a chat with their flamboyant CEO Vertti Kivi, and you'll be inspired!


Villa Vellamo

Villa Vellamo is the newest addition to the Lehmonkärki Resort facilities in Asikkala, Finland, where you will experience tranquility, privacy and proximity to nature. The villa was designed to adapt to different types of events: weddings, weekend getaways, corporate summits and so on. It boasts four luxurious suites and a spa built inside a huge concrete cylinder with a majestic view to lake Päijänne.